Friday, September 02, 2005

Foulke and 3 others

Lost in the (important) news about Foulke being reactivated is the story on the 3 others. There's Chad Harville, Alejandro Machado, and Matt Perisho.

I'm not too excited about Harville. His line isn't all that exciting. In 37 games, he's 0-2 with a 4.46 ERA, 33 K and 24 BB. His ERA in the past isn't all that impressive either, but another arm is another arm.

Alejandro, who was acquired from Washington in February, batted .301 with three home runs and 43 RBI in 117 games with Boston's International League affiliate. He should be welcome as the Sox are in the middle of a long stretch of uninterupted games.

Perisho, a lefty, doesn't really deserve to be brushed over. He's put up impressive numbers this year. In 24 games, he's 2-0 with an ERA of 1.93, 10 K and 11 BB. His past numbers aren't as impressive, but this is his third year in the majors and he's been improving every year. Expect Perisho to make an impact in the stretch run.

BTW, while Papelbon was electric last night, expect him to have some some bad games, too. But, just as important, he's going to be giving a break to the other relievers who are really beginning to show some strain.

Photo's from Yahoo of Harville and Perisho. Alejandro photo not available.


gail said...

Go Red Sox!!

David R. Mark said...

Harville was once a top prospect for the A's. He's not terrible.

Perisho, however, has failed miserably in several major league stays, primarily with Texas and Florida. He's AAA fodder.

The Sox should bring up Lester and Anibel Sanchez. They might catch lightning in a bottle.

Mike said...

Yes, but Harville's still young and I don't expect him to make an impact this year. I believe that Perisho will make a splash this year.

It's still too early for both, but we'll see. I think they've made their callups for this year.