Thursday, September 22, 2005

Save Opportunities

Since blown saves are on everyone's mind today, I thought I'd look up how the Boston Red Sox stand up in comparison to the rest of the league. Turns out, despite how we may feel about it today, they aren't the worst. They're just close to it.

Team SV SVO %
Colorado Rockies356157%
Kansas City Royals243962%
New York Mets315062%
Tampa Bay Devil Rays416662%
Toronto Blue Jays325163%
San Francisco Giants447063%
Baltimore Orioles365763%
Philadelphia Phillies365763%
Detroit Tigers365664%
Boston Red Sox345265%
Chicago Cubs345265%
Atlanta Braves365565%
Seattle Mariners365565%
Texas Rangers436566%
Cincinnati Reds304567%
Milwaukee Brewers406067%
Oakland Athletics365467%
New York Yankees436467%
Los Angeles Dodgers385569%
San Diego Padres415871%
Arizona Diamondbacks395571%
Florida Marlins395472%
Minnesota Twins395472%
Chicago White Sox506874%
Washington Nationals506874%
Los Angeles Angels486574%
Pittsburgh Pirates324374%
St. Louis Cardinals455974%
Cleveland Indians496378%
Houston Astros405178%

Which does not mean they're the best, either! If you look at the number of save opportunites (comparably speaking), they haven't had a lot. That's not surprising since their bats have been so strong all year long.

Wouldn't it be nice to have Foulke back in tip top shape again?

Quote of the day: "We're not 10 games back. We're a half-game back," pitcher Mike Timlin (pictured right) said after the Red Sox squandered an eighth-inning lead and lost to the last-place Tampa Bay Devil Rays 7-4. "We've been in first place or fighting for first place all year long. This is not season-ending by any means." and "It's an ill-timed loss, but what are you going to do?" Timlin said.

One other note for Tito. Rule number 1 for Timlin: Do Not put Timlin in unless it's the beginning of an inning!

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