Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Everybody take a deep breath

Schilling got it done. That should be the headlines today. Despite Tampa Bay's record (63-89), they are a hard hitting team (Ranked 3rd at .274) and Schilling mowed them down. In fact, the pitching as a whole was very strong with 12 K's:


Curt Schilling 7 6 2 2 1 7 1 5.89
Manny Delcarmen 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 3.52
Lenny DiNardo 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 2.79

Of course, by the 3rd inning it was all over. And that's why today's headlines read:
Ortiz's two HRs help BoSox clobber Rays, hold AL East lead

The Sox batters as a whole put on a clinic last night, with Manny and Ortiz leading the way. The only regular without a hit was Rentawreck who had another error. He is the lead leaguer with 29 E's this year (the next closest is Adams with 25). Didn't we get this guy for his defensive skills? What happened this year?

But the real story isn't the Sox offense. They are the number one team in the league when it comes to putting up big numbers and that's old news. The real story today is Schilling's performance. They needed a stopper and they got it. I'm feeling better today about their playoff chances. Not "woohoo there is noone who can stop them now!" better, but "at least now they have two pitchers that can be relied on" better.

Look for another strong outing by Wakefield tonight. He's 13-1 with a 2.86 ERA in 18 games against Tampa Bay.

BTW, does anyone understand this statement by Millar: "The standings don't mean anything right now," Millar said. "You fight until the end and see where the chips lay."


Seandiego said...

he means it only matters what place you're in at the end of the year

Mike said...

That makes sense to someone who's sitting in a tie. To teams who have wrapped things up, it's not necessary. It's just frustrating to see the Sox in this position.