Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katrina and sports

I've been trying to avoid talking about Katrina on this blog, because 1) it's hard to talk in any way about how huge this tragedy is and what it's going to take to rebuild Louisianna and 2) this blog is supposed to be about sports and give (me, at least) a chance to focus on something other than the real world. But there are a couple of stories out there I'd like to point out where the sports world intersects with the real world and what Katrina has done and what some very popular sports figures are doing about it.

The Schilling's are sponsoring a family for a year. What if we could all do that? Would that make it all better for these poor folks who have lost everything? No, but it would certainly help. So, I say good for Curt and his family. May blessing rain down on his household for being so generous.

Joe Horn, and many other Saints players, spent the weekend trying to cheer up evacuess in Houston and elsewhere. "I thought I would cry once I stepped into that dome. But seeing people smile and having kids ask for autographs uplifted me," he said. "It made feel 100% better. They went through this catastrophe, and they still want us to play football. They said, 'Give us something. Go and win.' "

I'd say that's something worth talking about.


maria said...

I'm glad you posted this.

It would be nice if more families
could be sponsored.


Eric said...

wonderful post