Saturday, September 17, 2005

Manny is hit by a pitch to end the game

Is this what it's going to take to beat the better teams? With the playoffs just weeks away, where pitching and defense wins you games, is it going to come down to leaning into a pitch*?

I don't think so. I think the Sox are just tired. Their previous day off was August 22nd. From August 23rd to Sep 4th, they went 9-4. Since then they have gone 6-6. Their bats are tired and they are starting to wear down. Johnny Damon's shoulder, Ortiz's back, Manny's legs, etc... They need a day off and soon. That's why I was disappointed last night when they didn't just call the game. Even if they had to play a double-header today to get it in, it still would have helped.

*I don't think Manny leaned in, BTW. But I bet it still hurt.


bentley92 said...

One thing you might want to mention is that New York doesn’t have ay days off for the rest of the season! Despite that they are playing well now that will probably catch up with them (when they meet the Sox in the last series).

Mike said...

Let's hope so. 20 games straight isn't easy, but they haven't struggled against baltimore and toronto like the Sox have. It looks like they finally broke their curse with TB, too. So, we'll have to wait and see.