Thursday, September 08, 2005

Only 3 hours left

And here are my predictions for the season.

AFC East: NE Patriots. If you have to ask why, you've come to the wrong site.
AFC South: Colts, again a no-brainer. I think they've improved over last year, but don't expect them to win it all.
AFC North: Ravens. I know, I know. Most people are predicting the Steelers will walk away with it, but I happen to like what the Ravens have on Defense.
AFC West: Chargers. Gotta love Tomlinson. Won't be easy, though.

NFC East: Eagles are the easy pick and I'm going with them.
NFC South: Panthers and Falcons will fight it out to the end. I expect Vick to fold under the pressure, though.
NFC North: Vikings by default. Bears are out one QB. Brett can't carry the Packers and the Lions are, ... well, the lions.
NFC West: I like the Cardinals here. Again, not the strongest team, but everyone else is just as weak.

AFC wild cards: Bills and Jags
NFC wild cards: Falcons and Saints

AFC Championship: NE Patriots over the Chargers
NFC Championship: Eagles over whoever (but let's go with the Panthers)

Super Bowl: NE Pats over the Eagles once again.

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