Saturday, September 24, 2005

Scenarios from now until THE SERIES

With 6 games left before the Yankees come to town and the Sox down by 1 game, it's time to figure out all the scenarios that are possible.

Best Case scenario: The Red Sox are up 4 games when the Yanks come to town. Even if the Sox go 6-6, the Yanks would have to go 1-6. That's not likely.

Worst Case scenario: The Red Sox are down 4 games when the Yanks come to play. If the Yankees go 6-6, and the Sox go 3-6, it would be all over before it even started.

How it can end in a tie -- resulting in a one game playoff in the Bronx: If either team is up by 1 or 3, a tie breaker may be necessary.

Likely starters for the 3 game series (taken from uponthmonster message board):
Game 1) Wells vs Wang
Game 2) Shilling vs Johnson
Game 3) Wakefield vs Mussina

If it comes to a one game playoff in the Bronx, Arroyo would be up in the rotation.


RockFromDot said...

I'm hoping that we stayed tied with the Yankees and then we get a three game playoff. I'll take my chanes with those sons of bitches at Fenway...I can already picture it coming down to the last game of the season with Ortiz blasting one out of the park in the ninth to give us the division...

Mike said...

I can definitely see that happening. That's what Ortiz does best!

Mike said...

Also, if that happens, it will knock ARod out of the running for MVP and at the same time guarantee Ortiz wins it.