Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yesterday's game really meant something

With yesterday's win (first game, of course), the Sox made this weekend's series against the Yankees certain to mean something. If either team gets swept or is swept in the next two games, the three game series will still determine who wins, and most likely who goes home.

Since this series is so important, I went and looked at the Red Sox vs. Yankees history this year: Wins: 7-9, At Home: 3-4, Runs: 100 - 68 (two games were blowouts at 17-1).

The Cleveland Indians also lost last night, so the Sox, Yankees and Indians are in a three way tie for the wild card. I went and looked at Cleveland's remaining schedule. They face off two more times against the lowly (but hard hitting) Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They then have to face off against the Chicago White Sox. Whoever made up the MLB schedule this year deserves a raise.

BTW, why did Schilling come back out in the seventh? He was obviously struggling. He seemed to get into trouble every inning. So why bring him back out when his pitch count was already up there? This is crunch time. Torre pulls his pitchers, no matter who they are or what their ego state is, if they're in trouble. This is not the time and place to protect someone. And then he pitches Hansen, when a few days ago, he refused to put him in just to protect him from situations like this. Tito, make up your mind one way or another.

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