Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Several points to make today

Point 1:
Not only did David Ortiz hit a walk off homer, but Tim Wakefield pitched a no hitter giving the bullpen (Timlin, in particular) a much needed rest.

Point 2:
The Yankees have now lost the series against TB. It's like seeing the Red Sox go out against Baltimore. You don't know why it happens, but it does.

Point 3:
Who would be the game one starter if the playoffs started tomorrow? I think it's pretty clear the Boomer would get the nod (if he isn't suspended at the time), and isn't that a scary thing? Clemente hasn't been the same since the first half, and we just aren't sure what Schilling is going to give, yet. Wakefield is steady, and you do know what you're going to get out of Arroyo, but neither are game one starters. I think Arroyo will be in the pen again (not that he deserves it, but...). So, it looks like our rotation would go like this:

Wells: 12-6, 4.24 ERA, 95 K, 14 BB, .293 AVG
Clement: 13-3, 4.17 ERA, 133 K, 54 BB, .252 AVG
Schilling: 5-7, 6.83 ERA, 60 K, 14 BB, .328 AVG
Wakefield: 15-10, 4.29 ERA, 123 K, 64 BB, .251 AVG.

I don't think our opponents will be shaking in their boots.

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