Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend Update -- Sox

Well, all they hype, all the energy and all the weekend ends up with is nothing. No change, no real difference. The Yankees are still there. The Sox couldn't finish them off. The Yanks couldn't put a real dent in the lead. It's all right where it was.

Of course, that means the final series is going to be twice as exciting! The final rundown on the schedule looks like: Tor (3), Oak (4), TB (3), Balt (4), Tor (3), and then the Yanks are back in town for three final games. If I had to guess, the division lead will still be up for grabs and the loser will be out of the playoffs entirely. It's like a situation drawn up for a bad movie. But it's also the way it should be. These two teams should face each other.

I have to admit, I wasn't excited about facing the Yankees last year in the ALCS. For me, winning it all would have been enough, never mind the drama. But, after last year, my viewpoint has changed. It's not just about winning it all, it's about the challenge. And facing off against NY is the biggest challenge we face every year. So, bring it on. I think the Red Sox are up to it this year, too.

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