Thursday, September 29, 2005

Talk about being optimistic!

Arroyo stays optimistic:
"We'll try to wipe this one away as quickly as possible," said Arroyo, who allowed seven runs and seven hits in three-plus innings. "I only threw 79 pitches, so I feel like I'll be healthy for the Yankees. ... You always hope for the opportunity. So, we'll see."

Ortiz on his attempted bunt:
''If I hit a homer it don't matter," he said. ''We're still going to be down by a whole bunch of runs so I was thinking, they had the [third base] space open [as a result of the Ortiz shift]. I was trying to at least get on base. And we had Manny coming up. And if Manny hits a homer, now we're closer. My mind right there was to try to get on base one way or another especially against this guy whose been making good pitches against us. I'm not the kind of guy who's out there just looking at my numbers. It's a team situation and I always want to prove the best I can for our ball club."

The Star Wars character Chewbacca threw out the first pitch at Fenway last night to promote a Museum of Science exhibit. (Globe Staff Photo / Jim Davis)


RockFromDot said...

"Chewbacca...what a wookie!"

I like the new design...nothing wrong with the old one though...

I hate not having NESN...I have to check how the game's going on

Sox just tied it up at 4...hopefully they pull it out...doesn't look like the Yankees are losin tonight and we can't afford to be two games back...

Top Flight Emus said...

Is that......?

No, It can't be......

Things are so desperate in the Sox pen that they've hired Six Pack Stanton?!?!?!

Mike said...

I thought that pitcher looked familiar?? Just Kidding. But Stanton has a 2.08 ERA against left-handed batters this year. That could be worth something against the Yankees since the Sox have nobody in the pen who can face up with lefties. See my next post for the link.

Rockfromdot, I sympathize with your frustration. It's always harder to watch the game through the web or through highlights. You know you're either missing the subtleties, or if you're watching the highlights, you know they (the announcers) are getting it wrong.